Noble Men of the North - By Tyler Fine

Ace- homemade contraceptive. You have 30 seconds to find a item in the room go! Grundale master picks best they become the captain. Chancellor chooses worst they become grundal master.

Two- everyone refill your drink its time for thunderfucked. Person who pulls the card starts drinking when they say thunder. Person to the left of them takes over next time thunder is said.

Three- Ride the Fitz. The team that pulled this card must drink for every one of the 29 sailors on the edmund fitzgerald.

Four- turnip conductor. The person who drew this card gets the turnip whistle. When they blow the turnip whistle everyone drinks till they finish. They are the turnip conductor till the next four is drawn.

Five-nose. Put your hand on someone else's nose. Last one to do so drinks.

Six- too many monkeys jumping on the bed. Everyone switch spots last to sit drinks.

Seven- seven deadly sins

Gluttony - go make taco eat said taco

Lust - prison shirt bra

Greed - finish your drink

Pride - no talking till you draw the next card

Sloth - lay down till next turn

Envy - finish someone else drink

Rath - if they are the grundal master they assign new one. If not they give out x drinks.

Eight - date. Choose a partner and sit next to them. they drink when you drink

Nine - defend social media. Chancellor chooses a tweet post or text they have 1 minute to defend it.

Ten - grundal master wager. Who ever pulled the card drinks against the grundal master first one to stop becomes grundal master

Jack - guild challenge one team counts the other drinks. First person to stop drinking stops clock. Then switch. Losing team elects new grundal master from their team.

Queen - captain's challenge. The first time the queen is pulled you must toast to her. The first toast of the evening goes to the queen long may she wave. There's a hole in the boat and the captain goes with his ship. so you have to drink your way out. First one to finish their drink becomes the captain

King - chancellor's challenge. Person who drew the card points at another one. Chancellor guesses a suit if he's wrong he drinks for the card amount and gives his position up to the winner. if he's correct the other person drinks to the card amount and becomes the grundal master.

The chancellor - he is the ultimate winner of the game. He's in charge of interpreting the rules not making them. He starts the game. He can ask anyone to drink at anytime and they have to. He wears the chief hat.

the captain - he is in charge of time stoppages clock pauses bathroom breaks and refilling drinks. He enforces the rules. He Can also salute at anytime last one to salute back drinks. Double taps table for enforcement and time stop. Must be referred to as Oh captain my Captain. He wears the captain's hat.

the Eskimo - they put an ice cube in their drink and they have to finish their drink before the ice cube melts upon completion they elect a new Eskimo. If they fail they start again. He wears a scarf.

The grundal master - he is the ultimate loser of the game. Whatever team he is on drinks one extra time every time their whole team has to drink. He must refer to himself in the third person. You must refer to it as the grundal master. He wears a dish rag on his head. Shitting on the grundal master is encouraged. Fuck you grundal master!

If someone spills their drink you shame them and they become the grundal master. If someone pukes they become the grundale master.

If there is consecutive color pulled you drink for however many times the Color is pulled. So two blacks pulled in a row black team drinks twice. Three black cards pulled three drinks. Ect. Ect.

We recommend 26 cards but don't be a pussy go for 52.

At beginning of game everyone pulls a card highest three get top positions

Worst card gets grundale master.

Whatever color is drawn is the guild you're in.

The game begins with the chancellor's favorite toast.

Example: The next toast goes to the pretty birds who brings the pretty babies. To the ugly birds who bring the ugly babies and to the Swallows who bring no babies at all.

End of game toast. The last toast of the evening is for friends. To close friends to far. To the absent ones at the bar. Here's to one hell of a hangover.